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Danteri II:

Long ago, when we found this planet, it had plasma storms raging over its surface. With our Martclor Particle beam, we were able to stabalize the storms. It's now a very stable planet with over 23000 M people on it.

Danteri I:

A planet of eternal darkness. This planet does not see sunlight because its rotation does not allow it. We use artificial sunlight to produce heat and light for our people. The atmosphere is Carbon. The planet serves as communications and ship production/repair.

Danteri III:

A planet almost completely filled with water. The atmosphere is chlorine. Our undersea bases and colonies are thriving well.

Danteri IV:

A Lush, green forest planet. This planet serves no technological purpose. It is a Rest and Relaxtion planet. We have many relaxtion centers covering the planet. Millenians often retreat to this planet during their shore leaves.