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Infite System

Infite II:

A planet very rich in resources. It's soil is very rich and moist, making it the perfect farm planet. However, scientists have recently discovered buildings of an unknown origin. We deciphered the inscriptions and found that a prehistoric but very advanced civilization, known as the Shi'Kar. They left many ship schematics and weapon schematics. Unfortunately, this race fell victim to an airborne disease, referred to as the Plague. Our medical teams have, with the aid of medical advances in the past few months, been able to put an end to this nuisance.

Infite IV:

This planet has a harsh atmosphere, barely breathable by our people. This planet served little use until recently, when we made it into a prison planet and mining colony. Don't worry, the prison is just for war and throwing our own men into if they get to far out of line, :).

Infite V:

This planet was barren, mostly desert lands. We found some remains of Shi'Kar ships here. After intense study by our Scientists, we decoded a message from the Shi'Kar. They were attacked by a race of killers known as the Korga'L. They were destroyed at about the same time the Shi'Kar were. Unfortunately, the message becomes staticy, and no more could be retrieved. Typical, huh?