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Millenia III:

The is the homeworld of the ArcHammer Empire. It atmosphere consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen. It has optimal conditions and it Value is good. This planet has many good oppurtunities for farmlands as well as military bases. It is the most heavily defended Planet in our possesion.

Millenia I:

Millenia I was the second planet colonized by the ArcHammer Empire. Its erratic atmosphere makes it the perfect planet for military outposts because of all the static and interference that the atmosphere causes. Using our newly developed Descrambler Communications Array, we can send and receive messages as we please, but with the flick of a switch, we can shut it down, making it impossible to scan, use shields or even communicate with other ships. More information on this device in the Technologies Research Center. This planets atmosphere is made up of plasma and hydrogen. However, our new medical breakthrough enables us to breathe plasma and live in plasma for up to 49.3 hours before needing another hypospray administration.

Millenia II:

Our richest planet. This planet has rich soil and optimal botany conditions. This planet has served as a "farm" planet for our people. This vegetation and soil make it very good, and makes alot of food for my empire. The atmosphere is Hydrogen and oxygen, although the soil is carbon based.

Millenia IV:

This planet is closest to the Millenian Sun, therefore the atmosphere has burned off. However, gravity still remains and therefore the planet can be used. We have turned this dead planet into a major shipyard. This planet has 17 space stations, 2 battle stations and 1 starbase orbiting it. The planet surface is almost completely covered with space ports, therefore making it a very productive Space Yard.