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Welcome to Millenia III. I am Emperor Braxis, the new Emperor of The ArcHammer Empire. Emperor Jason was forced to step down due to personnal reasons. I have big shoes to fill, so please bear with me.

All treaties signed by Emperor Jason will be continued unless I see fit to change them.

I believe that in order to bring peace to the universe, we must first vanquish those who oppose peace. By uniting our empires once and for all, we can crush those with evil in their hearts and bring a thousand years of peace! Unite with us by sending an email to this address:

Emperor Braxis

Please be sure to attach your empire logo to the email, or I won't put you up.

Before leaving, please make an entry in the Visitor Database.

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Thank you for your visit,

Lord Emperor Braxis I.

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This is a Space Empires 3 website.

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