Diplomacy Chamber

The ArcHammer Empire is a peaceful empire, and we seek to make many allies along the courses of our existance. Here you will find a list of our most noble allies.

We have lost communications with this race, and await a reply.
Treaty Type: Non-Aggression

The Terran Empire is The ArcHammer Empires greatest friend and ally. We have formed such a close alliance that we have also decided to start a clan, the Terran-ArcHammer Combine. Apart, we are conquerors. Together, we are unstoppable.
Treaty Type: Partnership

The Devorae Imperium is a new Empire that arose from the ashes of The Arcturan Empire. This new empire shows promise, and we intend to help them as they strive for peace alongside us.
Treaty type: Military

No Banner availible.

The NOOIS organization is a fairly new group and has proposed a Military treaty. We accepted, and have had a great treaty thus far.
Treaty Type: Military

If you would like to open a Diplomatic Relations Session with the ArcHammer Empire, please email primate_292@yahoo.com