Race Information

On this page, you will find information about our race.

Racial Background:

Millenians originate from the planet Millenia III. Their anatomy has developed like humans in many respects: bipedal, two eyes, a mouth, and similar atmospheric & respiratory needs. For a long time, their bony, sinewy limbs were a cause of revulsion amongst the relatively soft-looking humans. The dry, arid climate of Millenia III has given the Millenians a brown, mottled, leathery skin.

Terran-Millenian communication was relatively easy to establish, despite the fact that Millenian vocal cords are unable to make the sounds needed to produce the English language (now refered to as "Terran Standard" by spacers). To communicate requires the use of a small translational device called a "squawker". The speaker talks in a low tone at the base of the device, which is then translated into the desired speech patterns for the receiver, who employs small earpieces to listen. While the squawkers work for both species, the Millenians are typically the ones to wear the device.

Human archaeologists and geologists have often been astounded of the fact that Millenia III would even be capable of producing or sustaining intelligent life. Virtually absent of water, the planet is covered with wind-torn deserts and barren, rocky terrain, practically devoid of what Terran scientists refer to as "the basic element necessary for life". As a product of this climatic adversity, the Millenians live mainly in giant atmospheric domes or underground cities. Millenians excel in methods of excavation and have developed an efficient means of utilizing their preciously-few resources. It has been speculated that the Millenians were forced prematurely into space in order to obtain the resources needed for their continued survival. Millenians have since then achieved superb standards of general engineering and excellent high-speed propulsion systems.

Despite minor physical differences between Humans and Millenians, society has evolved along the same principles for each. Millenians have strong family and civil structures, and enjoy similar activities found among Terran communities. Parts of the Millenian history are shrouded in ancient mysticism and legend- a facet which the Millenian Parliamentary government openly discredits as fanaticism.

Physical Appearance
Millenians can be up to eight feet tall and can weigh up to 300 pounds. Although their bodies are relatively boney and leathery, their are very strong.
Here are some pictures of Millenians for your reference.