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Stardate 1999.11.09
The ArcHammer Empire's colonization division, under the command of Vice-Admiral Kur'Shayn, has begun colonization of a new cluster of planets, which currently sustainst no life, but is perfect for our needs. After extensive searching of the cluster, we have determined that we shall begin colonization immediately. ArcHammer Command has designated the new Sytem of planets Zeta Aquilae.

Two colony ships enroute the Zeta Aquilae I.

New treaties have been made recently, more info in the Diplomacy Chamber

Stardate 1999.10.09
Emperor Jason has stepped down due to personnal reasons, and Emperor Braxis is the new Emperor. All Hail Emperor Braxis!

Starcraft has become a popular with the ArcHammer Empire, and so we will only accept challenges for STARCRAFT until SE4 comes out.

Stardate 1999.15.07
Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to update for a while. However, we have resolved this, and are resuming regular broadcasting.

A HUGE discovery was made one the Corin. We entered the third medlab and found specimens is stasis lock. After uncovering the stasis unlock codes, we brought down the field. The creature has demonstrated signs of intelligence. thanks to our Squawkers, we were able to speak with the creature. It has a primitve language, but their technology is far greater then ours. However, it cannot stand bright lights. One of the specimens was unrecoverable, and our scientists are now doing an autopsy.

Emperor Jason has grown quite fond of an Earth game known as "Magic: The Gathering". If anyone has any good cards they dont want and are willing to trade, email the Emperor.

Stardate 1999.05.07
Emperor Jendevi was contacted yesterday. We have established that we shall research our own derelicts and report our findings to one another. So far, we have found that there are many similarities, and many differences. They look very similar, but different. The Emperor Jendevi sent us photos of what the inside looked like. Upon entering, we noticed an insignia, ressembling a spider and a human eyeball. Scanning the ship, we found that the ships are different in fact, because they are different classes of ships. We also found cellular residue. Scientists have taken samples and have begun studying. Also, upon entering the Medical area, or what appears to be a medical area, we found one of the creatures in some sort of stasis field. We will have photos as soon as ANN gets the proper clearence.

Until we can find out what this ship is really named, we have designated it Corin.

Our alliance with the Vokell has been renewed. Our war with the Borfalkians and been resumed, but we are still ignoring them. Once they learn that starting wars isn't the way to get attention, he will stop being ignored.


Stardate 1999.05.04
Today was the Celebration of Kintarros. The celebration takes place every year to give thanks to the crew of the Kintarros, who valiantly gave their lives to defend their home system, Millenia III. We remeber that we were under siege by a race known as the Nitora'L. That race of genocidal creatures was vanquished as the Crew of the Kintarros flew the ship into the hive ship. From what we learned, this race had a society similar to that of the insect known as the "Bee" or the "Ant". The Hive ship, or the Queen, was destroyed, thanks to the Kintarros.

While a squadron of Tenarian Fighers was on a routine patrol of the ArcHammer border, a derelict spacecraft was detected on long range sensors. We believe that this ship may in fact be related in some way to the derelict ship that Emperor Jendevi found. Attempts have been made to contact the emperor of the Terran Confederation, but so far we have been unable to get a hold of him. Once we do, then we shall try to organize a joint analysis project.

Stardate 1999.05.03
Colonization of the Infite System was started yesterday. As of now, the Empire has three planets in that system. Some new information was found during colonization, you can check it out by clicking on the link above.

Emperor Jason updated the web site today. There is now a section called fleets, with a listing of all the main fleets.

Emperor Jason flunked English today. When he was reached for questioning, he said, "My teacher is a stupid ass hole." That was all he said.

Stardate 1999.05.02
ArcHammer Empire is Reborn under the Command of Emperor Jason Gale once again. The Emperor was unavailible for questioning, but ANN has tried to contact him. We will update you when we get the chance.

While the ArcHammer Empire was withdrawn from the League of Races, some startling technological advances were made. The new Remora class Destroyer was researched, a New Fighter, the Valkerie was researched and tested, and the ML-50 Cortigon was fitted onto all starfighters.